Much Ado About Twitter

I came across this Quantcast summary that shows the tremendous growth of Twitter over the last 5 months. It now reaches over 4 million US visitors monthly. Not surprisingly, the audience skews younger (18-34) and typically visit sites such as Techcrunch and What did surprise me, however, is that there are slightly more women (53%) than men on Twitter. I’d like to know how many of those women come from the prolific mom blogger community.

Twitter makes for a great microblogging platform – which I like to describe as the online version of a brain fart. Think of those random thought bubbles that happen in your head throughout the day, whether you’ve just had a great idea at work, are stuck in traffic, spot something interesting…anything really. When used as an extension of an existing communications platform, these 140-character snippets often make for more interesting reads than anything you’re likely to say officially, which is probably why over 4 million people in the US alone are all a-Twitter.

However, Twitter is not for everyone and I would seriously caution marketers who think that it’s a great way to blast out 140-character promos. Adam Salamon has a bit of a rant about it here.