A Survey of Influential Asian Social Media Sites

As a follow-up to our first-ever Asia 360 Digital Influence monthly team call, we did a quick survey of our teammates across the region.

We asked everyone to share a link to a favourite social media site or tool from their country and provide a brief explanation of why they think it’s notable. Since the feedback was so interesting and valuable, I wanted to package the links and reasons together in a quick blog post to share here on the Asia Digital Map. The links follow in no particular order:

This has gradually becoming more popular than the current Yahoo360 Blog for Vietnam. Hot bloggers are migrating to this site. It has many popular entertainment features such as music sharing, blogs, pictures. Functions of site are most user-friendly, allowing Viet to upload videos fast, and making the sharing experiences easier more than ever.

It is VERY BUSY and very representative of what is quite typical in Japanese video content and social media sites: so much of everything and not alot of focus.

Its a specific blog aggregator for Singapore.

Honeyee.com is a slightly underground Japanese site that combines trend information on fashion, design, music, art and architecture. There are reports on fresh brand collaborations, upcoming events, shop openings, and album releases. It also hosts an extensive community of blogs from leading Japanese and international influencers- artists, creators, DJs, musicians, designers, and other trendsetters.

Social PRhttp://socialpr.blogspot.com
A PR consultant providing insight about the local (Singapore) market that may offer ideas for other countries in the region. Singapore is a regional hub, the demographics and businesses may differ at home but the ideas can be distilled into other solutions.

Cool Hunterwww.thecoolhunter.com.au
Shares hot trends from around the world.

Kaixin001 - http://www.kaixin001.com
Kaixin001 is chinese version of SNS website similar to facebook. It grows fast, not because it has many fancy applications, but as I think, it created a good connecting model among Chinese white-collar group. It had a very clear marketing strategy, and once people make it as a habit, it sticks them stronger and stronger.

This terrific little blog focuses on the hot topics being discussed in Chinese social media, especiallg in BBS forums. It provides some interesting insights into the diversity of opinion that exists online. Be prepared however, as some topics are definitely NSFW.

Crikey delivers ‘contentious’ news stories that “…other media can’t or won’t cover” and offers the stories behind what is really going on in the world of media, government, politics, business, sports and “other aspects of public life in Australia”.

What’s Next Blogwww.whatsnextblog.com
BL Ochman is a goddess who takes all the fluff out of communicating and dishes it out as it is. And she’s sharp as a ninja blade on many things that are relevant to the communicators of today, from PR101 to social media, to marketing. I’ve been reading her blog for about 4 years and I give instant kudos to anyone I meet who reads it too.

UWants - www.uwants.com.hk
A portal to conversations most relevant to hong kong

Example of a popular ‘renrou’ or ‘Human Flesh Search Engine’ site. Renrou is a form of search engine where Netizens are given information, often in the form of a photo, and help to identify the information.

Absolutely dominant as search engine, but also provide every digital platfom to users who do not think other alternatives.