Social Networks Are No Longer Just Online!


The social network Friendster, which is wildly popular in several Asian countries, has entered the telco market, according to Marketing Interactive.

“With the Friendster Loop card calls can be made to more than 220 countries, and it is part of the social network’s plan to tap into the projected $10 billion international pre-paid calling card market in 2010. Friendster Loop will initially be marketed and available in seven countries, including Singapore, Malaysia, the United States, the United Kingdon, Canada, the Philippines and Indonesia. Users can register for the service at

“Now, social networking via Friendster is no longer limited to online communications. The Friendster Loop offers users the ability to connect with friends and family with the benefit of live, voice-based conversations. Connectivity online has now been expanded to include the warmth and emotion of the engaging human voice of someone you care about,” David Jones, vice president of global marketing for Friendster, said.

The most amazing transition would be QQ going into netbooks, something I have heard rumored on the market.