H1N1 Top of Mind Across Asia

While it originated half a world away, the H1N1 outbreak has spread internationally and in so doing has gripped the attention of people across the globe, including here in Asia and Australia.

Our Hong Kong team, lead by Chris Graves, President of Ogilvy PR in Asia, has put together a helpful and simple resource for getting the latest news and facts about the Swine Flu outbreak. What’s great about the Managing Through Flu dashboard is that it’s one place where everyone within Ogilvy – as well as the public - can find clear, official and fresh facts about Swine Flu from credible organizations, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO).  In a public health emergency, cutting through the clutter of 91,000+ mainstream press articles and more than 120,000+ blog posts to get the simple facts is important.

Here in Australia and across the Asia Pacific region, the Swine Flu is top of mind and a growing concern. I did a quick check of Google Trends, and here in Sydney specifically, the number of people searching for swine flu on Google now far outpaces searches for topics such as the economy - issues that have dominated the airwaves and conversation here for some time.  Check out the spike in searches here in Sydney specifically:


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