Tweeting the 2009 Australian Federal Budget

Today the Australian government will officially unveil the 2009 Australian Federal budget.  What’s different about this year’s budget – aside from all of the tough cuts in spending – is how the announcement will be covered.


Several organizations, including a few journos, will be covering the new federal budget by posting on and following Twitter.  The hashtag #ausbudget09 will be used when people are Tweeting about the new Australian federal budget. One news organization, the CourierMail, is planning to pull in and publish on their Web site Tweets that are using the #ausbudget09 hashtag. If you’re interested in following along this evening, simply enter #ausbudget09 into or visit this page.

Here are a few of the initial Tweets about tonight’s budget announcement:

So if you’re into public affairs and public policy, this is a great way to follow what’s happening on the ground in Canberra this afternoon and evening and gauge the public’s reaction to the new budget, in real time.  And if you happen to be there covering the new budget, Tweeting with the designated hashtag is a great way to quickly share your first-hand knowledge of what’s going on with a large number of people – and get on the radar of journalists who are also covering the event.