AdAge Power150: Read, Feed, & Follow 40 Asian & Australian Blogs

AdvertisingAge released their Power150 recently and I’ve pulled together a list of 40 Australian and Asian blogs. These are great people to follow if you’re interested in getting a pulse for what’s happening in social media across Australia and Asia-Pacific.

The list is organized into three columns:

  • Read: click-through to the blog directly
  • Feed: right-click and copy the RSS feed URL and plug it into your aggregator
  • Follow: click-through and visit their Twitter profile to follow them


READ! FEED! FOLLOW! Acid Labs @trib AdSpace Pioneers @juliancole This Ain’t No Disco @aintnodisco Amnesia @likeomg BannerBlog @bannerblog BlogWorks @BlogWorks Cooler Insights @CoolInsights Creatives Not A Dept @DavidGillespie Frontiering Talk @jrod1z Gauravonomics @Gauravonomics ineedhits @ineedhits Innovation Feeder n/a The Jason Recliner n/a Jax Rant @JaxRant Copywrite @Copywrite Get Shouty @KatieChatfield Social Networks @SilkCharm BhatNaturally @ibhat Lee Hopkins @leehopkins Marketing Easy @lucio_ribeiro Marketing Practice n/a Media Hunter @mediahunter Misentropy @Misentropy David Koopmans @DavidKoopmans Page Traffic Blog @PageTraffic PersonalizeMedia @garyphayes Pigs Don’t Fly @ZacMartin PR Disasters n/a ProBlogger @problogger Psycho Tactics @seandsouza Servant of Chaos @servantofchaos Shifted Pixels @nickhac Slice Media @slicemedia Inspiration Room @InspirationRoom The Marketer @TheMarketerAus Power of Influence @ian_mckee Corporate Engagement @TrevorCook Who Is Andrew Wee @AndrewWee Zebra Bites @zebrabites Ryan’s View @ryanpeal