10 Useful Tricks to get yourself unfollowed on Twitter


There are so many tips and tricks on the Internet on how to increase the number of followers. The number of followers does not matter that much to me, but I think it is educational that we learn from the worst Twitterers so that we can provide our followers valuable tweets.

1 ) No Bio

I really don’t get it. Are people too lazy for a 160 (or less) characters bio, or they just don’t know how to describe themselves? Would you follow someone on the street without any reason?

2 ) No followers

Number of followers is like the first impression you give others. If the ratio between your “followers” and your “followings” doesn’t look right (e.g. 1203 following, 15 followers), people would most likely see your tweets as invaluable.

3 )Ugly profile

And yes, many people judge a book by it’s cover. Like the number of followers, look and feel of your twitter profile can change what followers, or potential followers think about you/ your tweets.

4 ) Ugly avatar

When I say ugly avatar I don’t mean that you have to be good looking to tweet. If you don’t feel like putting your own picture, at least put something special, something that is not directly from Google Images. Ugly avatars can get you unfollowed, or ignored.

5 ) Get followers Quick twitterers

Although some people would fall for those “Get Followers Quick” products/ ebooks twitterers, they are the ones that I never follow. The quality of audience is more important than quantity.

6 ) Bio that doesn’t mean anything

It takes me 5 seconds to close the browser when I see a profile that has no bio, and it takes me 15 seconds to do the same when I see meaningless bio.

7 ) No engagement

Social Networking is to engage, to interact with followers. No reply, no RTs, no recommandations, or no thx for RTs can get you unfollowed. Tools like Twitterfeed shouldn’t be used if you want to engage.

8 ) 10 tweets within a miniute

Although people have the choice to follow, it doesn’t mean that 10 tweets within a minute isn’t annoying.

9 ) Make money online affiliates

The best way to get yourself unfollowed.

10 ) Tweet to your vegetarian audience about steak

When people follow your tweets, it means that they expect something that will interest them. Tweeting something that is not relevant to your crowd all the time will eventually get your unfollowed.

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