How to be an Eye-Magnet on Twitter


Don’t you realize that only around 15% (or less) of your Twitter followers actually respond and pay attention to your tweets? The reason is simple, Twitter is very much like your offline social life, you can meet as many people as you want but you only communicate more often with a certain crowd after all. I have done some testings and successfully increased followers’ engagement, it’s all about ♡!

Be your own Follower

Like many other things in life, it’s always good to try and see things from another angle. In twitter, if you start to wonder why some of your followers never respond to your tweets, be your own Follower. Subconsciously, you do ignore some certain Tweets, and so do your followers. You have to understand your followers and give them what they need. If a person realizes that 3-4 Tweets that interests him/her are from you, this person would start paying attention to ALL your tweets.

The Avatar Game

Never change your avatar. Avatars in Twitter is not like Profile Pictures of Facebook. As I said above, people subconciously decide what tweets are important/ interesting to them. Once you’ve successfully engaged with followers, if you change your avatar, you might lose people’s attention again. If you REALLY have to change your avatar, it’s better to mention about it a few times before you do, or/and tweet about it after you change it. For example…

  • Hey tweeps, I’m changing my avatar soon! Or should I?
  • I just changed my avatar and I love it :)

Try something different

There’s always a reason for everything, if you think that many people are still ignoring your tweets, you should try writing tweets in other style. For example, turn (:) into (-), Retweet into (RT). If most of your tweets talk about your personal life, start directing people to your favorite news and articles. If you direct too much links, talk about something personal, something funny, and twitpic more images to make your tweets personal.

The visual trick

Twitter doesn’t have the function to see “Mutual Friends” like Facebook, but most of us (unless you are Aston Kutcher) actually have many mutual friends with your followers because of similar interests. Try to do something different from what your followers do, then you might get special attentions. For example, if most of your active followings are directing links with long tweets (110-140 chars), try to make yourself unique by writing a very short tweet, that way your tweet might stand out from others’.

Now, show me your ♡!