Singapore Event: Journalism and Social Media Open Room


After the last Open Room session “one can market his or her blog like a brand“, we’re back with another one tomorrow (25th June 2009) in Singapore. And this time, we will discuss the relationship journalism and social media have with one another – traditional versus new media, and how both mediums need each other to survive and grow. Ok, the co-dependency of both mediums is just my personal point-of-view.

Come and Meet…

Thomas Crampton, who heads Digital Influence in Asia Pacific, will be co-hosting this conversation with ex-journalist, Arti Mulchand. Incidentally, Thomas Crampton has just video-blogged about his transition from journalism to digital strategy. Go watch it!

Invitations to this session is extremely limited so hurry along now and RSVP to my colleague, Niki Torres, if you’re interested in attending. Please do note that invites are on a first-come-first-served basis.

Details are as stated in the invite above shown.