Branded outdoor billboard help pedestrians to safety

An Indian mobile service provider, Aircel, recently did some very clever and whacky guerilla advertising in Mumbai, India. The company created and erected a giant outdoor billboard that had a branded boat vessel on it with the tagline: “In case of emergency, cut rope”.

Why is this so clever? Mumbai is known for its monsoon season this time of year. Would it be likely that a scenario like this pop up where a boat was needed to get people to safety? Well, yes.

Not only was this an innovative way to promote Aircel as well as a media-stealing publicity stunt to generate word of mouth for the brand in a high traffic area, but it also received widespread media attention as an actual emergency arose which lead to someone needing to cut the rope and make use out of the vessel.

Springwise reports that on July 15, monsoon floods made the Milan Subway virtually impassable. “The rope was cut on Aircel’s billboard, the boat was released, and stranded pedestrians were ferried to safety.”


What a clever outdoor campaign. It’s just a shame that this wasn’t executed by the local Government of the day!