Malaysian Government Ministries are Getting Social

Last week during my visit to the Ogilvy PR Kuala Lumpur office, I had the opportunity to deliver a social media workshop for the Malaysian government’s Ministry of Works. 

Many of the Malaysian Government Ministries, including the Ministry of Works, are quickly becoming more active in social media and see the value of participating in dialogue with the public. And for good reason – that’s where the Malaysian people are going online. Consider some of the latest statistics about Internet and social media use coming out of Malaysia:

  • 16 million Internet users*
  • 66 percent of Malaysians use social networks (ComScore, December 2009)
  • Friendster and Facebook are tops – with 3+ and 1+ million members respectively*
  • Average Malaysian youth belongs to 4 social networks*
  • Broadband penetration is at 21 percent*

Ogilvy PR Malaysia DI

* Source: