App That!


Mobile App

There is a mobile app for almost everything and the technologies behind these apps are getting more sophisticated with every new addition. There are navigation apps to tell you directions from A to B anywhere in the world, novelty apps that identify the song that is playing in the background, organising apps to manage your social networking sites, not to mention the recently launched FoodScanner app which uses the iPhone camera to scan the UPC codes of foods and link them with full nutritional information.
Some say the driving demand in the mobile apps market could grow bigger than the internet. It has been said that there are currently over 75,000 iPhone applications, the Blackberry maker Research in Motion has a few thousand and Nokia’s Ovi store has about 5500 content items including apps, ringtones and wallpaper graphics (Sydney Morning Herald).
Is this becoming the new way for us to source information or even communicate? It has been a while since we have had to write a letter to seek assistance, some organisations prefer us to call and speak to an automated voice while most want us to jump online and not speak to anybody. Is the demand now for us to download an app and seek assistance on the go? Is this the future of communication?
What is driving the demand for mobile apps? Some would say it is the need for convenience and sourcing information on the go, others would claim it’s the Gen Y demand for instantaneous results. Personally, I think it is a combination of 2 things; consumers are looking for fun, they are looking to customise their lives but more obviously they are constantly looking for something new, the latest. Mobile apps cover all bases, they can be informative, fun, colourful, free or expensive, and the potential is limitless.
Mobile apps are like viral YouTube clips, they get passed around, talked about, reviewed and before you know it, they have been downloaded millions of times. They are the new tactic in communications campaigns. It is no longer about creating a fan page on Facebook or getting the company on Twitter; it’s all about the demand for mobile apps.

Mark my words mobile apps are here to stay … until the next thing rolls around!