Feed & Follow Friday: 3 Great Australians to Follow

I have decided to start a weekly feature here on the Asia Digital Map blog called “Feed & Follow Friday” where I’ll be profiling five people from Asia Pacific whose RSS feeds and Twitter profiles are not-to-be-missed. I am pretty certain that this has potential to become a global phenomenon replacing the more simplistic “Follow Friday”, so remember you heard the name here first.

As this is the inaugural Feed & Follow Friday post, I’ll start out close to my new home of Australia and profile some of the people who I’ve been fortunate to meet at local conferences and events. All are truly experts and thought leaders in different aspects of social media here in Australia and simply following them and subscribing to their feeds will give you a good understanding of the landscape here today.

Pia Waugh |  What Are We Going to Do Today, Brain Blog@PiaWaugh

Pia is an advisor to Senator Kate Lundy in Canberra and is one of the leading voices and doers who are making Australian government more digital and more social. From her Twitter bio:  Political advisor to @katelundy, open source and open government geek, musician, and kung fu freedom fighter!


Ross Dawson | Trends in the Living Networks Blog | @RossDawson

Ross is a successful entrepreneur, author, media commentator, and all around expert on the topic of influence, networks and a range of other topics. Twitter Bio: Futurist, entrepreneur, keynote speaker, strategy advisor, and author. Current focus: future of influence and future of the enterprise


David Earley | The Earley Edition | @EarleyEdition

David writes for the Courier-Mail in Brisbane and is a leading voice on digital journalism and how the media landscape is changing.  Twitter bio:  Multimedia journalist, blogger new and social media trends – one digital convert at a time