Facebook gaining in Asia, trumping Google in some countries

Here it is in numbers: Asia’s the place for Facebook growth at the moment, where the social networking platform is #1 in Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and Bangladesh (an interesting one). Globally, Facebook is the number two most visited domain after Google (according to Alexa).

What does this mean for digital marketers? Not a Facebook bandwagoning party I hope. For starters, at least a greater awareness of what people do and want to see on such a social networking platform. Then careful consideration about whether Facebook is the right platform for your brand, and what content you have to engage with (that all-important social currency).

A simple way to start is to take a leaf from successful brands on Facebook, then also look at the groups and fan pages that you personally subscribe to and ask yourself what’s in there that you find compelling and engaging.

Being engaging on Facebook isn’t rocket science, but sometimes the simplest things are also the easiest to mess up when approached with the wrong mindset.