Spotlight on bloggers

I want to be a blogger. Well, at least it’ll get me on (online) TV for a day…

While bloggers in Malaysia continue to get the attention of marketers, they further grabbed the limelight when Nuffnang and recently aired Project Alpha, Malaysia’s first online TV show about bloggers.

Hosted by TV host/scriptwriter/producer Jojo Struys, who is also a blogger herself, Project Alpha is a fast paced, fast cut, lifestyle-driven show that features the daily lives of seven popular bloggers in the country — a high-powered working Mum, two shopaholics, a full-time accountant by day who is a powerful entertainment blogger by night, a daredevil personality who is always seeking the next adrenalin rush, and a travel writer who practically lives out of her suitcase.

These influencers are: Budiey Isma, Kenny Sia,, Audrey Ooi/Fourfeetnine, Nicole Tan/Nicolekiss, Poh Huai Bin/Sixthseal, and Ahmad Nazuwan/Beautiful Nara.

There are seven episodes, each giving a three-minute sneak peek into Malaysia’s top bloggers, how they live, what makes them tick and from where they get their inspiration to keep their readers/followers captivated. The first episode went on air on 18 September 2009 and will be aired daily for seven weeks.

With Project Alpha, it is hoped that people from all walks of life will start their own blogs to share their passion and interests with the world.

Are you inspired yet, to start your own blog? Maybe it’s time to start one and who knows, you might be featured in the next season of Project Alpha! In addition, you’ll get to enter the Project Alpha Blog Contest and win yourself the grand prize – a date with Jojo Struys to Chelsea and watch an English Premier League game!