Twitter for IT Managers Webinar Recap

Twitter 4 IT managers

Earlier today I had the opportunity to be part of a Webinar that covered how IT managers could use Twitter to help solve some of their day-to-day challenges. The Webinar was sponsored by our client Citrix Online and featured some great speakers, including Leslie Nassar of Fake Stephen Conroy fame, Richard Binhammer from Dell, Glenn Dobson of Citrix, and Nate Cochrane of Haymarket Media.

I kicked off the presentation with a quick 101 of Twitter, how to use it to achieve a specific business or communications objective, and how to get started in Twitter in a strategic way using a 3-step methodology:

  1. Follow:  First start off by following people who are relevant to whatever it is you’re talking about on Twitter (e.g., IT staff, your customers, etc.)
  2. Create:  Tweet on a regular basis and share things that are going to be of interest to the people you’re talking to and, equally importantly, on-topic (or at least of interest).
  3. Engage: Once you are following people and listening to what they’re saying, are Tweeting on a regular basis (creating content), then engage by replying to others by asking questions, re-tweeting people who are saying interesting things, etc.

Based on a quick audience poll that we did early on into the Webinar, it seems that nearly 3/4 of IT managers here in Australia are considering using Twitter to address IT issues – but not currently using it for that purpose.  What was most interesting to me and the other panelists, however, was that 6 percent of the audience were using Twitter “unofficially” – in other words going out and solving IT issues that customers are having on a personal basis.

Here are some interesting discussions and take-aways from today’s session:

  • @ksantolin: #twitter4it @richardatdell believes that existing code of conduct and employment contracts should cover social media confidentiality
  • @ksantolin: #twitter4it dedicate certain personnel to answer queries on twitter (eg helpdesk) as part of their usual helpdesk duties @glenndobson
  • @MartyAtDell: @bdgiesen said in #twitter4it webinar that the Australian growth rate of Twitter outpaces other countries
  • @adriankhall: #twitter4it – follow; create; engage – customer service
  • Dell’s @DellOutlet Twitter account is driving sales and revenue on new product at according to @richardatdell
  • IT departments should skill up staff on handling issues, the same way they deal with people by phone and email

And for all who are interested, you can download the full Twitter for IT Managers presentation deck over on Slideshare.