What does the internet think about Windows 7?

We have been fooling around with “What does the internet think?” a little bit in here for a bit of fun. And with the big news of the day being the Microsoft Windows 7 launch I thought I would see what the internet thought about Windows 7. Little did I know I would uncover a massive conspiracy.

My first search I used the fastest method, and asked the Internet to use Google only, and here is the result (click for a full size):


I thought to myself, “Gee, I didn’t think that the internet was that apathetic about Windows 7!”

So I thought I’d rerun the search based on Microsoft’s own search engine, Bing:

What does Bing think of Windows 7

I smelt a rat. So the final search I took the slowest option and checked against ALL search engines:

What does the Internet think?

Is there something fishy going on at Googleplex?

Disclosure: Microsoft is an Ogilvy client, however they haven’t paid for or endorsed this post, but this blogger thought the results were extremely amusing. This blogger doesn’t really believe that Google is tampering with the scores… or are they? :)