“The Media” Nov Opinion Column:

Now that “blogger engagements” are becoming ever-so popular among brands wanting to establish a long-term relationship with influential opinion leaders in the blogosphere, the public is seeking ways to avoid becoming victim of this new phenomena of brand-to-blogger bribery game.

Personally, my take to this question would be a “NO”. And Why?
First, one of the reasons blogging came about was because of distrust in the press. Before Web 2.0 we grew up believing that the journalists job was to defend our interests. But given that many journalists work for a privately-owned publication their outputs would in one way or the other be determined by the company CEO. Probably because too many people heard about the bad examples set by Rupert Murdoch that brought about the rise of “blogs” as the new watchdogs of society. “Bloggers” are basically “freedom writers”.

Bloggers wouldn’t RISK their reputation for a few bucks from brands because:
1. Bloggers take full ownership of the content in their blogs, thus they are liable of any fraud or inaccurate information on their blog.
2. Bloggers don’t want to drive away readers
3. A blog’s success is built on credibility (and building a successful blog is as hard as building a successful career)
4. Bloggers would not give away a forest in return for a tree.
5. A blog is probably the greatest establishment of a blogger. Bloggers can’t be bloggers without a blog. No one would kill their own babies.