It’s Delicious #3: Small Rivers, a stream of eco-consciousness

I stumbled upon Small Rivers last October 15th during Blog Action Day.  It’s a nifty little widget that I saw in WWF’s Climate Blog that helped connect similar conversations through a code that can be embedded in a post or web page.

Currently, the ways in which similar content is connected is done through trackbacks, pingbacks, and refbacks.  They can also be grouped together through tags, hashtags, or categories.


What Small Rivers offers in this link ecology is the ability to pool all these information into a rich-media sidebar to make discovering content, sites, and people easier and faster.

In a way, it is like a small ecosystem of individuals contributing to the same conversation by providing a rich river of content that flows through various websites.

Small Rivers is still in its alpha stage but its potential to find, bridge, and link online content is promising.  Its strength can be had through its power to drive awareness and knowledge, especially with regards to social matters, which is currently being made to good use by WWF.

See some of Small Rivers’ existing rivers here.