It’s Delicious #9: Click Along to Cooking Prowess

As a bit of a foodie bore I spend a lot of my online life reading and salivating over food blogs. The Guardian newspaper have one of the best food sections around and their online offering really pushes the way in terms of how a good old fashion paper newspaper can get digital and enhance the user experiance even for those of us who sorely miss the rustle of a broadsheet.

The Clickalong series is a fantastic program run by Allegra McEvedy, one of the nicest celebrity chefs around, and based on a program where amateur chefs are in their kitchens cooking together in real time by refreshing their browsers.

Here’s what it entails:

Clickalong is a unique online cooking experience allowing the nation to cook alongside our resident chef in real time. It’s easy – Allegra devises a new, never-before published recipe, you gather the ingredients together and set up your computer in view (or shouting distance) of your kitchen worktop.

Then follow the live, illustrated step-by-step guide and clickalong until culinary success is achieved. Allegra is right there alongside you to answer any questions as the pace quickens.

Then we eat!

 Easy Peezy Lemon Rind with Coriander Squeezy

The series is so successful that the comments come in at a speed of knots and they have set up a very successful flickr page where the clickalong amateur chefs post photos of their own creations

Maybe we should start our own one with the unusual dishes of our respective countries of residence.  Pigs brain in a sweet plum reduction? Anyone?