Ogilvy Asia-Pacific Tweeters list

I recently setup an Ogilvy Asia-Pacific Tweeters list using a handy service called TweepML. In case you’re not familiar with it, TweepML is in its own words “an easy way to create, manage, share and find lists of interesting Twitter users to follow.”

Very easy in fact, it took only a couple of minutes to copy-and-paste in all the Ogilvy Asia-Pacific Twitter users I could find. All there was left to do was tell everyone about it.

But then of course Twitter rolled out its new lists feature, giving us all the functionality we could ever want, and pretty much rendering the TweepML service and my blog post obsolete – or did it?

One thing is for sure: Twitter lists are rapidly becoming the new currency in social media with traditional follower-metrics on the way out and list-baiting already well under way.

But after having used both, I can say that Twitter lists are still missing some key features. For the Ogilvy Asia-Pacific list it came down to 2 things which TweepML lists let you do that Twitter lists don’t:

  1. Users suggestions
    The Ogilvy Asia-Pacific Tweeters list will most likely grow and chances are not everyone that should be on it was there from day one. So allowing users to suggest additions is key to keeping the list relevant and up to date.

  2. One-click following
    Twitter lists are a great discovery mechanism as they essentially allow you to subscribe to a feed of users without directly following anyone. But what if you actually want to make a connection with everyone on a list? With a Twitter list you would have to go through the entire list and manually follow each user, TweepML lets you follow everyone in a list with just one click.

So if you want to connect with fellow Ogilvy thought leaders in the Asia-Pacific region, make sure you check out the Ogilvy Asia-Pacific Tweeters list.