Ogilvy Earth invites China to become a citizen of Hopenhagen

China has been invited to join Hopenhagen, an international movement and campaign developed by our Ogilvy office in New York to drive action on climate change at the United Nation’s Climate Change Conference (COP15) in Copenhagen this December.

Hopenhagen allows citizens to become active participants in the climate change dialogue and make their voices heard to world leaders and the conference delegates attending the meeting. The ultimate call to action will be to secure signatures for the “Climate Change” petition in support of the UN, which calls for a climate treaty that is “ambitious, fair and effective in reducing emissions”.

Ogilvy Earth China worked closely with the New York office to translate the campaign for the Chinese audience. The Chinese Hopenhagen website will serve as the campaign hub to give Chinese citizens, government, non-profits and businesses the tools to rally support for a positive outcome at the COP15 Climate Change Conference.

Netizens can also participate in Hopenhagen through popular social networks Douban, RenRen and Kaixin, the photo sharing network BaBaBian and microblogging platforms 9911 and Sina.