Take a virtual tour of World Expo 2010 Shanghai


From May to October 2010, Shanghai will play host to the largest world fair in history and the organising bureau are ensuring it is a digital expo too. Expo Online is a key measure of their digital communications and we are now able to get a preview into what’s in store.

You can browse the 5.25 square-kilometre site and interact with the various country and corporate pavilions on the Pudong and Puxi sides of the Huangpu River respectively.

In the screen capture at the top of this post you can see a section of the Asia Pacific area of Expo 2010. The big brown pavilion with a red marker on top is Australia. To its left you can see Thailand, and on the right Singapore, Malaysia and New Zealand. Meanwhile in the image below you can see the big Korean and Japanese pavilions.


Next year Expo Online will enable users to have a fully interactive experience, going inside the virtual pavilions and enjoy beautifully created digital experiences in several languages. Until then have fun playing around with the current version and if you want to learn more about World Expo 2010 Shanghai, check out my blog.