It’s Delicious #2: PlayStreet – Korean Mapping Site

In online content creation, Korea has been the biggest in the world. They have the highest portion of Internet users who enjoy publishing web content, more than 55% of the Internet users have uploaded articles, photos, music, videosand other digital content.

Lately, company Playstreet created this mapping site, which breaks Seoul into 29 areas, users can pick the area and virtually walk on the street. The map shows you exactly where you are, and in terms of accuracy, I think they have done a better job than Google Street View since Google sometimes messes up the numbers on some streets.

Also, as shown on image above, the map shows names for each building/ shop, which I think it’s something Google Street View can learn from.

Now Playstreet has partnered with Web Concepts (NZ company) and working on ShowStreet; a map for New Zealand, and it will be launched in Australian soon. Would be great if they add social media elements to the map in the future.

Play around with it now!