Friendship drives the social media scenario in India


The very name of India brings to our mind a country known for rich culture and heritage. Though India is progressively moving towards higher standards of professionalism, the human bonds that bind the culture are still ingrained in the life of average Indian. This is even reflected in the way Indians use the social networking space. The social networking site which have been popular in India( like Orkut, Face book , Bharatstudents,Hi5, Myspace, etc)are the ones which have been able to create a difference in the life of the average Indian online user by bringing professional and personal worlds together. Recently I came across a survey by Plugged in done for a period of 3 weeks (across 1100+ members) . It has interesting statistics that reveals the general awareness about Twitter in India:  16% use Twitter to stay updated with news  11% prefers to stay in touch with Friends using Twitter.  11% enjoy updating their status (gives them Ego boost)  10% use Twitter for Research  17% are not at all sure of Twitter usage.  14% of the members polled are not on Twitter  12% of the usage happens on work related areas.  Only 10% use Twitter to meet interesting people Even this survey points to the fact that friendship drives this social media space. It seems that Indians use social media mainly to stay connected to people for strengthening personal relations to drive the professional network.