Send Cat to Copenhagen and Give APAC a Voice!

My Hope - Cathie McGinn - Hopenhagen Ambassador

The Huffington Post in conjunction with is sending one person to Copenhagen for the UN Climate Change Conference to both represent concerns of people around the world and to report back daily as a HuffPost citizen journalist.

Australian Cathie McGinn has put in her submission for the HuffPo Citizen Journalist competition, and we’re doing everything we can to support her bid to get there. So please help. Vote for Cathie, and when you’re done, get others to vote. Once you’re done with that, tweet about it. Then, once you’ve done that, share it on Facebook. And don’t forget to become a citizen of Hopenhagen! Call it bias if you will, but I think there is no one better suited for this role, than someone living in a country that is already feeling the effects of Climate Change.

Since 1950, Australia has already warmed by up to 0.7 per cent. We are seeing more heat waves, an increase in the intensity of Australian droughts and have experienced a 70 mm rise is sea levels. In Asia, crop yields are declining, and the retreat of glaciers is unprecedented. This is real. It’s happening now, and it would appear that the changes are gaining velocity with each day that we choose to do nothing.

Hopenhagen is change – and that change will be powered by all of us. Change will not happen unless the people demand it.

[Disclaimer: Ogilvy PR Worldwide Pty Ltd are a global partner for Hopenhagen.]