Quick Q and A on Social Media

Following a seminar Ogilvy organized with Business Next in Taipei, there were so many questions that I could not answer them all. Here’s a video attempt to quickly answer some of the ones that people still had afterwards:

  • Our customers are all above their 40s. Besides waiting for the younger generation to grow up and become our new customers, what can we do on social media for those middle-aged?
  • Could you advise what could you recommend to a Chain-store who want to engage social media? Should I focus on brand image, not sales in the near future?
  • My company want me to do something on social media but our major customers are not using internet. What can I do?
  • What’s the next driving power of social media?
  • If the social media is fragmented, how to run the “diversified but targeted/fragmented” marketing campaign in SNS successfully?
  • Do you have specific advices (do and don’t) to international enterprises who want to engage social media in many countries?
  • How to leverage Facebook API to do marketing?