No, I cannot help you create a social media strategy!

Colleagues, clients and friends often ask me how they should go about creating a social media strategy for their companies. My answer to them is that they don’t need one!

With a perplexed look on their face they say “But that’s your job, is it not?”

Well, I am afraid that my job is not to create social media strategies for companies, simply because I believe that they don’t need one! What every company needs to do though, is to incorporate social media into everything that they do and that is not the same as creating a stand alone social media strategy.

Social media is not a new management discipline or a new functional area that your company needs to create a strategy for. Social media is simply a bunch of tools, platforms and technology that allows for content to be co-created, relationships to be built, communities to be created and conversations to take place in a manner that has never been possible!

Social Media goals are derived goals

Social Media goals are derived goals

I repeat. Your company does not need a social media strategy. What your company does need to do however, is to incorporate social media into almost every other strategy or plan that it has. This means that social media needs to be a part of your marketing strategy, public relations strategy, HR strategy, customer service strategy and maybe even your finance strategy.

Maybe you do need someone to coordinate your company wide social media efforts, but that is not the same creating a social media strategy.

It is satisfying to observe the spring in people’s steps when they start looking at social media as an enabler and a tool that will help them achieve their goals in a more effective manner rather than yet another 100 page strategy document that they need to churn out!