The World Cup 2010 on Weibo

Weibo, China’s answer to Twitter, is now allowing users to show support for their favourite football team by adding that country’s flag to their profile.

After selecting from a list of all participating teams, the flag appears both on the profile and next to each Weibo update:

Weibo did something similar during the recent Yushu Earthquake, allowing users show their respects by displaying a ribbon.

The vast majority of users view Weibo through their browsers instead of a desktop client, which makes this kind of innovation more successful since Weibo has more control over how users view their feeds.

I love this about Weibo, and it should probably be added to my list of things Sina Microblog (Weibo) has that Twitter doesn’t.

Weibo’s World Cup activity also allows you to see, at a glance, which teams are most supported by the Weibosphere. England tops the table, followed by Argentina and then Spain: