Don’t DI-lete: Weekly China Digital Influence Update


Seen sand painting online? Well, Liu Yan (DI, SH) has seen something she thinks is even more impressive: water ink art. She hasn’t seen this turned to commercial use yet and thinks it would be great for a brand that wants to be seen as being “with the times”.


Jeremy Webb (DI, BJ) thinks it’s worth keeping an eye on which foursquare check-in service will triumph in China. Jiepang and Lashou are just a couple of the individual competitors out there, US-based Gowalla is yet to be blocked, and internet giants like Sina are likely to come out with contenders at some point. With great “geomarketing” campaigns in the West, there will be huge opportunities for brands in China as soon as these services gain critical mass and a winner emerges.

Jeremy WebbDI,北京)觉得我们应该关注究竟哪个定位签到服务将在中国。 已经有街旁拉手多等众多模仿美国foursquare模式的独立网站,美国的Gowalla还没被河蟹, 而且新浪、搜狐等国内互联网巨头很可能快会出类似服务了。有这么多相关案例在西方Jeremy估计一这些服务有一定的活跃性,一个冠军出现,品牌的 机会就会增多。

Want to ensure the biggest online influencers write about your campaign? Liza Levy (DI, SH) thinks Old Spice has the perfect “recipe”: Use a good advert as your base then mix in some personalized videos responding to messages you have received through social media. Once risen in popularity sprinkle in some personalized videos made just for the highly influential. Serve hot.

Liza Levy (DI, 上海): 你想要保证网上最具有影响力的人来为你写你的提案吗?这就像烹饪一道美食:一个好的广告就像一道烹饪所需的基本食材;然后通过社群媒体,用个性化的视频来 回复给你留言的人,这便是在你的原料上调配的完美比例;这些有个性化的人物视频将提升影响力,就像在一道菜上撒上调味料一样使食物更加鲜美。Old Spice Guy.

Joyce Qiu (DI, SH) came across this hilarious video of a group of university students performing Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance. By noticing this kind of online sensations early on, brands could gain huge exposure through sponsorship of their clothing, shoes, etc.

Joyce Qiu DI,上海)遇到了这个很有趣的一支MV,由一群大学男生组成的The Rocks Performs组合翻唱了Lady GaGa的著名歌曲《Bad Romance》,并拍摄了这支影片,他们歌声动人、舞蹈动作十分滑稽,都让这支视频非常受到年轻人的欢迎,至今已在YOUKU上被播放了7万多次。如果 能够适当地在这则视频中赞助他们的服装、帽子、鞋子等,相信都会产生非常好的营销效果。

Dora Yin (Beijing) has seen lots of companies working with a growing online phenomenon in China, Groupon-style group-purchasing websites. A good example is how Meituan helped a little know gaming bar rocket to fame.

尹禾(北京)看到今年出了很多团购网站,企业可以跟团购网站合作,推出各种优惠,同时也大作广告。 例如 这一次团购就让这个桌游吧知名度大增,1000个团购名额迅速卖光,相信这样一次团购不止多了1000个盈利机会。