Don’t DI-lete: A Weekly Digital Influence Update for China


Two teenagers have caught the attention of Dora Yin (BJ) with their iPhone speed test video. Social media makes anyone an influencer and means that highly influential content like this can appear at any time. For this reason it is essential for brands to constantly monitor what’s been said about them online.





Huang Chao (SA, BJ) and Jeremy Webb this week met some guys from Jiepang – China’s leading check-in service. They talked about one of the first check-in marketing activities in China, a campaign that generated interest by inviting users to check in to the soon-to-be-launched Shanghai Apple store.


黄超(SA, BJ)和Jeremy Webb 昨天约见了街旁网的人- 他们的定位签到服务在国内领先。他们讨论了在中国的第一次签到营销活动之一,邀请用户去即将开业的苹果上海专卖店签到,这个项目吸引了大量眼球。




For those of you that haven’t yet read OgilvyOne’s Connected, Sarah Guldin (Corp Comms) has an even easier way to understand the report’s Chinese social media research: check out these YouKu videos for an explanation from OgilvyOne’s very own Chris Reitermann. 


对于还没有看到OgilvyOne’s Connected的人,Sarah Guldin (Corp Comms)提供了一个理解该研究中国社会媒体报告的更简单的方法:看看这些来自奥美自己人Chris Reitermann说明片段



Plenty of campaigns use pretty girls to get our attention yet few are managed as well as this online sensation from Acer laptops, thinks Liu Yan (DI, SH). Users of Sohu Microblog were asked to help a journalist track down a girl met in a chance encounter during the World Cup. Since the laptop left behind by the girl was one of the only clues available, the Acer Laptop enjoyed enormous exposure as it became the focus of this “romantic manhunt”. 


记者南非酒吧偶遇中国美女,燃生爱意。女孩的笔记本被遗落,记者在网上发帖寻人。在十万网友帮助下,女孩终于现身,未完的感情得以了结。刘燕DI Director SH):类似借助美女炒作的营销案例不胜枚举,网民的眼睛更加雪亮,不少人只是配合一下。该案例值得借鉴的是其完整清晰的炒作脉络和过程管理。