IBM Seer 2010 – The App that sees through walls

IBM Seer 2010

Amid the excitement of this year’s Wimbledon tennis tournament, IBM have released their 2010 “Seer” mobile Application, built by OgilvyOne London.

IBM actually launched their first Seer Application for Wimbledon in 2009 and also brought it to this year’s Australian Open tournament, but for this  year’s Wimbledon the Application has been updated and improved to include some stunning features:

  • Live video feeds from around the stadium – Allowing users to see Tennis matches, Taxi ranks, etc from anywhere inside the stadium.
  • Live radio – so users can hear the commentary as they are watching the game
  • Real-time augmented reality – Pointing the phone’s camera around the stadium shows the user which matches are currently playing on the various courts (and other information)
  • A Twitter client – allowing you to tweet about the match you’re watching

This is an amazing application that really adds value for the spectators at the event. Check out the video of it in action:

See through walls! IBM Seer Wimbledon 2010 demo