Are you a social media Initiator, Commenter or Gawker?


My colleagues in OgilvyOne are today releasing OgilvyOne Connected – a research report into how Chinese consumers use social media to interact, both with each other and with brands.

A section that I found particularly interesting categorizes Chinese social media users according to their social media habits, assigning percentages to the relative sizes of each group:

A larger-than-expected 26% of all Chinese social media users are “Initiators” — people that regularly start conversations, create content and publish their opinions online. They are also the fertile starting point for new ideas, services and products.

A further 29% of Chinese social media users are “Commenters” — people who may not initiate, but who do react and comment on other people’s views. They are also the “accelerators” of new ideas, giving them momentum and wider acceptance.

The largest group, comprising 45% of social media users, are “Gawkers” — those who quietly browse, observe and look for entertaining ideas and brands that are already popular.

OgilvyOne Connected (Original Report)