Where are they now?

It’s been 1 year and just over 2 days since the closure of Yahoo 360, affecting the blogging community in Vietnam tremendously.

Hot bloggers have died, most of them, and now come a new breed of influencers. The replacement of Yahoo 360Plus cant seem to have the same drive, affect and influence it once has. Most hot bloggers have moved out of the old shelter and some adopted facebook for refuge.

Still ranking highly at the top list is Robbey McNificent (Lê Minh Mẫn). This guy is a phenomenon just as his name suggested. Spreading his influence over both facebook (with 3 accounts), to his regular blog on wordpress to the local social media sites yume, blog tamtay, Zing, and here is the comprehensive list.

robbey le facebook page











(note: dep trai = đẹp trai = handsome)

Robbey is known for his connection with the showbiz and entertainment celebrities including his frequent controversial commentaries. He has recently opened a new company titled Robbey Communications. With an average of 9,000 friends on facebook sites and up to 2million pageview for his blog, Robbey can be considered a true ‘Magnificent’.

Another survivor is Mèo Ác
Her blog focus on food and lifestyles featuring her experience with restaurants, cafes, and the entertainment business. She still maintains a relatively high presence across other social media sites.
meoac hot blogger




Although content is mostly quite general, Mèo Ác has a steady fan base. So maybe ‘spreading’ does have some effect on maintaining your presence on the radar.

Gào – a true writer that has also stand the test of ‘Yahoo360’ time. She has been writing since 2005 and published a few books offline. Young, pretty, and romantic, Gào shared her personal touches through love fictions to readers and her beauty care regime and know-how on both her site and facebook fan page

gao blog page

What have replaced the hot bloggers culture? A new trend of celebrities’ page and facebook page has taken up the space, including MC, models, actors and actresses. Some of them write (particularly the MC) mostly on Notes pages and Pictures Sharing, some don’t even bother.

Apart from the celebrities culture, perhaps there are bound to have ‘influencers’ that are soon to be discovered.