Campaign Activation? Forget about Twitter, Google does

An item that clients often ask for when rolling out a campaign, is the obligatory checkbox, that says Twitter. Unfortunately, Twitter is not the gift that keeps on giving, unlike services such as Slideshare.

Allow me to clarify. Client asks you to roll out a campaign, there’s an event, the event hashtag goes crazy, you’re trending on Twitter, client loves you. Three days later, you do a search and find NOTHING. Zilch. Nada. That’s because Twitter search does not persist. So when people go looking for information after the event, you get no link backs to your campaign site, and there’s no ‘word on the twittersphere about your campaign’. Not ideal right?

Now just to clarify what I meant about Slideshare. If you upload any presentations from the event to Slideshare, it will live there and your content will be searched for and found ad infinitum.

OK, so the headline is a little bit controversial and a bit of bait. But here’s the dealio. What you want to do, is aggregate the hash tag stream on an open, search engine friendly platform. That might be a WordPress site as an aggregator, Tumblr or some other bespoke system, this has to be done if you want the conversations to be found down the track.

Thanks to Jeremiah Owyang for the prompt to commit this post to paper. He talks about using a live blogging application which is great idea. This works well if you have an official blogger at the event. What a campaign aggregator will do though is capture everything on the hashtag (and any other social media) not just what your official blogger is doing.