Don’t DI-lete: A Weekly China Digital Influence Update


If you haven’t done so yet, Jeremy urges you to check out Vancl’s latest viral campaign. All an agency needs to do, according to this great summary by Rand Han, is create the first few parodies of a popular campaign… and pretty soon everyone will be sharing their own versions!

如果你还没有看过凡客的最新病毒活动Jeremy 催促你去看一看。Rand Han 给我们一个很好的总结是,一个机构所有需要做的是为一个流行活动创造一些模仿 – 然后很快大家都会分享他们自己的变体了。

Alfreda Jia (BJ) loves this Master Kong Youku campaign so much that she wrote a page-long email to me about it. Space here is tight, so to paraphrase: “short, easy-to-share, branded clips… fabulous!”

Alfreda Jia(北京)对优酷康师傅的活动如此的喜爱以至于她写了长达一页的电子邮件给我,都是在说康师傅。这里的空间有限,简单来说就是:“又短、又容易分享的品牌电影… fabulous!”

Yalding Xu (DI, SH) deserves this plug for the Kaixin page that he and his team set up for Reebok. The campaign focuses around a new shoe technology,

Yalding Xu(上海,DI)和他的队员在开心网给锐步组织了一个活动。他们当之无愧获得这个推荐。这次活动着重于新鞋技术 — 跑步训练鞋ZigTech。

Love shoes? Love Choos? Liza Levy (DI, SH) loves how Jimmy Choo has used the current hot topic of geolocation to create a great treasure hunt campaign to launch the brand’s new trainers.

爱鞋吗?爱Choos吗?为了推出新跑鞋,Jimmy Choos用当下最受欢迎的地理位置代码文件话题创造了一次“大寻宝游戏活动”。这让Liza(上海,DI)多感动呀!

Our colleagues in the US helped Ford reveal the 2011 Explorer exclusively on Facebook, posting videos, photos, and live chats from the New York event to their Ford Explorer page.