Don’t DI-lete: A Weekly China Digital Influence Update


Dora Yin (DI, BJ) loves the new McDonald’s tray paper, which can be folded into a “Douban Radio”. This activity drives users of Douban into McDonald’s and is making more McDonald’s diners aware of Douban Radio — the streaming music service offered by the Chinese SNS.

Dora Yin北京DI喜欢前段时间麦当劳的餐盘纸可以折成豆瓣电台的活动,它吸引了豆瓣的粉丝跑去吃麦当劳拿餐盘纸,吃麦当劳的人对豆瓣电台也有了认知。


Jeremy is sure that “egotistical” displays of products and brands will not be shared online and will never go viral. Forget about your brand for a minute and think about what the target audience finds useful, funny, etc. The next step is then to see if any of this can be matched to the brand message. This is precisely what Lynx seems to have done with their Wingman Academy” webisodes.

Jeremy确信“自私”的产品或品牌展示将无法在网上被分享,更不会被病毒式传播。暂时抛开你的品牌想想,target audience认为有用有趣之类的东西是什么,然后看看有没有可以匹配你品牌要传达的信息的东西。Lynx通过“Wingman Academy”网络剧集实践了这个过程。


This Ray-Ban design competition has generated awareness for the brand on Douban. Dora thinks that a brand which attracts trendy youth and a competition which attracts young artists is a great match.



Liza Levy (DI, SH) likes this social media campaign, which was created by a UK charity to raise money for a Royal Airforce cause. Five fictional characters are being brought to life through daily blogs and tweets, painting a picture of what life was like during the Battle of Britain.

一家英国慈善机构为皇家空军发起了一项有趣的社会媒体活动,以帮助人们提高对战争的认识并筹集资金。 5个虚构的人物每天通过博客日志和图片来描述不列颠之战中的生活是什么样,这让Liza Levy (上海DI) 觉得十分新颖。


Dianna Wang (H-Line, BJ) wants to share with you Intel China’s Weibo feed, Intel China Daily Express. This channel updates followers with Intel-related news and is a platform for hearing feedback from media and netizens.

Dianna Wang (北京,H-Line)认为英特尔中国官方微博“英特尔中国天天事”获得了巨大的成功,英特尔中国天天事致力于打造英特尔媒体社交平台,英特尔信息即时分享平台及与媒体、网友的互动平台。


If you didn’t make it to the Foursquare for Business webinar yesterday, Jeremy suggests looking at the training deck online. Foursquare is blocked in China, but the strategic framework outlined in the presentation applies equally to equivalent Chinese services.