Only 35% of Australian Businesses Have a Website

According to the latest MYOB Business Monitor, only 35% of Australian businesses have a website and only 18% of business owners surveyed use social media like Facebook, YouTube, MySpace or Twitter to promote their business. And fewer still (13%) write online newsletters or blogs to promote their business.

This is an interesting survey and provides a glimpse on how small and medium sized businesses are dabbling (or not) in social media.

Tim Reed, CEO at MYOB and quoted in the release, observes that the hype in social media hasn’t yet translated to full scale adoption, which in my opinion is not a surprise, especially as 35% of those surveyed don’t even have a website.

What do you think?

More importantly, the digital savvy business owners and marketing teams in these businesses are focusing on their websites, and optimising content for search. The latest MYOB Business Monitor also reveals:

•    Female business owners are slightly more online savvy than male business owners, with 39% of female business owners having a website compared to 32% of male business owners.  Female business owners are also more likely to use social media to promote their business (Female 20% vs Male 17%).
•    Businesses in West Australia are more likely to have a website (40%) and more likely to use their website for marketing and sales – ecommerce (25%).  Compared to Queensland, with 32% of businesses with a website and 17% using their website for sales and marketing.
•    Business owners in New South Wales are the most likely to belong to business networks online (22%), compared to business owners in West Australia (11%).
•    Businesses in South Australia are more likely to use social media to promote their business (27%), compared to businesses in New South Wales (15%).