Friday Bite Size Digital: More of Your e-DMs Could Be Spam Bound

Due to email overload, Gmail last week released an email filtering & sorting system called Priority Inbox. It attempts to find out which emails are more important & more spam like. It does this by using “predictive signals” & user engagement factors.

Hotmail also announced it will use new engagement metrics that filter based on how actively a user interacts with messages from specific senders.

Such email filter metrics could factor in:
· Messages read, then deleted
· Messages deleted without being read
· Messages replied to
· Email open frequency
· Decisions made in global spam filters

All which affect the open rates & click through rates (CTR) of your e-DMs.

However, new tools which monitor recipient engagement & measure their response help marketers still make E-DMs effective. Such tools help in….
· Targeting subscribers based on date of last open, read, or click
· Re-engaging subscribers who have not opened, read, or clicked on a message in over XX days
· Testing subject lines, days/times sent, frequency & specific calls-to-action
· Automatically capturing recipient locations when they open, read, or click on a message
· Segmenting audience based on past behaviors, not only preferences
· Ensuring subscriber data is accurate

Which tools & techniques have helped you in optimizing e-DM effectiveness?

Haysam Fahmy
Twitter: @hisom