Facebook Places Checks Into Australia

The wait is over! Finally, after many painful weeks of watching my US mates and colleagues use Facebook Places, it has finally arrived in Australia today.

I asked Jonathan Nguyen, one of the crack strategists on my team in Sydney, what he thought the impact of Facebook Places in Australia. Here is what he said:

So what’s going to happen to Foursquare? Who knows. The people who are using Foursquare today are roughly the same crowd that were using Facebook and Twitter about four years ago – not to mention the gaming advantage that it has with “mayorships” and badges. So there’s every chance that it will continue to grow in usage and popularity.

One big advantage that Facebook Places has, of course, is a natural audience of more than 9 million Australians who spend more than eight hours per month on Facebook. That’s quite a few checkins waiting to happen!