Don’t DI-lete: A Weekly China Digital Update

Sabrina Wang (BJ) loves that Ogilvy’s very own Shenan Chuang, who only started using Weibo (@莊淑芬Shenan) on her birthday last week, has already got more than 24,000 fans. If you are too shy to talk to her in person, make sure to hear what she has to say online!

 王更觉得Shenan在她生日的当天kick-off微博账户(@莊淑芬Shenan) 真是一个不错的选择!当然天时地利以及她自身的charm已经在过去的周末为她带来了19,000个粉丝!在Shenan面前说话还是结结巴巴吗?试试用新的方式与她沟通好了!

Liu Yan (DI, SH) is one of about 450,000 people that have already taken part in this Pizza Hut campaign on Kaixin. Their simple system is a great way to promote products: simply choose something you like from the online menu and recommend it to your friends for the chance to win free vouchers.

YL Liu 觉得必胜客在开心网“美味出新招”活动的参加方式很简单,只需要找到自己喜欢的食物,向自己的好友“出招”拿优惠券,参加人数就超过45万。这种利用SNS的关系网络,推广新品的方法值得借鉴。

Dora Yin (DI, BJ) tried the online game “Dove VS Milk” and found that unlike other interactive online branded games, which use cartoon effects, Dove game uses a real-life model – or an uploaded photo of yourself – to give a much more convincing product story.


Samsung caught the attention of Alfreda Jia (BJ) with this combination of digital and entertainment marketing, 4 Night Stories. Samsung couldn’t be taking interactive content marketing more seriously here with this all-star webisode series that builds emotional ties with viewers by inviting them to suggest their own story endings.


Mars Li (BJ, DI) thinks that a new technology such as Bluetooth, used with some free giveaways, can be a great way to build enthusiasm for a brand. This is exactly what Nike has done recently in China with this great mobile marketing case.

Mars Li(北京,DI发现新颖的技术比如蓝牙,加上免费礼品,就可以引爆对一个品牌的热情,Nike最近在中国做的手机蓝牙与跑鞋营销就获得了巨大成功。