Digital Vietnam 2010

Some statistic studies done by Yahoo & TNS Vietnam on Digital Insights for the year 2010 (full credit on data and pictures) .  A few points worth taking note on the social media figures.

1. Community forums more popular than social media sites.

2. Older users take advantage of social media platforms: family to maintain contact for overseas citizens, co-workers to engage and stay updated

3. Search – wise: Google remains the top search engine followed by Yahoo and vnexpress. Entertainment information such as photos, video and music are ranked among the top. Which basically mean there’s a huge chance to tap in the Content Creation process that Brands might not be thinking about or aware of.

Local website search is placed relatively high, indicating another opportunity window for corporate blog to develop – although mostly companies would be hesitate to take on this challenge. A lot of micro-site and campaign sites have populated the digital space, probably resulted in the search research by TNS.  Long term campaign sites like Neste (let’s talk) generated 39,552 loyal active members, on average with more than 2,000 members logged in daily to share a variety of topics ranging from work, entertainment, study, marriage (maybe a bit like a hot pot situation). Also in 2010 saw the first food/cook community BepGiaDinh (Family Kitchens) – offering not only community based engagement and activities but also linkage to the print publication, featuring the most voted dishes of the week on the weekly magazines.  Another example of integration content from brand site partnership with community: Dutch Lady (Study with Kid).

End note: Waiting for a new breathe of social media full throttles from brand that will illustrate the real BIG SHIFT of INFLUENCE.