Foursquare for Business: Questions & Answers

Last week, Jonathan Nguyen and I presented “Foursquare for Business” as part of Citrix Online and NETT Magazine’s Lunch and Learn series.

The following are several questions that were asked in the exit survey:

Q: That’s great to see you noticed the Oporto special – do you have any recommendations for our next one?
A: No problem! I liked the idea of offering a special after your fifth checkin. For the next time, you might think about offering a 1x special to the mayors of your stores. Or, as someone who’s addicted to your iconic classic chili sauce you might simply give away a free sauce to people for checking in once. (hint hint) The lower the “ask” (ie just check in 1x or 2x) the more response you’ll get from customers. Be great to see a case study down the road about whether you’ve noticed an increase in foot traffic to your stores as a result of the Foursquare promotion – might even make a great webinar!

Q: What’s the cost of using Foursquare for my business?
A: There’s generally no cost involved in using Foursquare. Creating a page for your business is free, as is adding a deal or special offer to your business’ page on Foursquare. Foursquare does charge for creating a branded landing page and customised badges… but to be honest if you’ve got a great incentive or reason for using Foursquare these paid options are often not necessary.

Q: When did Foursquare launch?
A: Foursquare was officially launched in 2009 at South by Southwest. Check out the About Foursquare page for their full history!

Q: Don’t forget Australia takes a while to catch on to things, the more we do, the more they’ll realise people want it. Catch 22 unfortunately!
A: Easy, killer! One of the things that’s impressed me about Oz since coming here is that we’re actually ahead of the curve more than people think. The MSFT Office Mayor Meetup was a bit of a world first, we’ve been the most facebook addicted country in the world for awhile (my favourite nielsen stat).

More to come… But if you have a question for us leave a comment below!