MicroBook: The beginning of the end of search as we know it


If a million people ‘like’ your content and share it on Facebook, it will now absolutely impact your search rank.

The deal announced today between Microsoft and Facebook finally demonstrated a practical application of crowd sourced information built into search. Microsoft’s Bing search engine will be incorporating Facebook ‘likes’ into its search algorithm.

The end of Google’s dominance in search was foreshadowed long ago by users of social network Friendfeed, a Twitter-like platform built by ex-Googlers. Their argument was that unlike Google, the content within Friendfeed was shared by like minded individuals.

Although the basic premise was good, Friendfeed was not the right platform. Like Twitter, it was too much of a stream and the information you were getting was good, but did not arrive at the right time. It appeared in your stream when someone shared it not when you needed it.

It was also yet another network you had to be on.

The announcement today, builds upon this by drawing crowd sourced information into a platform that you would already, naturally use for search. A search engine.

This has far reaching implications for SEOs, brands and Joe Bloggs. In coming posts I will deal with each of these individually. Watch this space.