Retail & Social & Coupons – The last three foot to purchase

The last three foot (or few hundred meters) is relatively uncluttered media space: the Consumer has shown desire, intent has formed, purchase now inevitable. Several location based social networks like Foursquare & Facebook Places – enable marketers to target messages based on their location; other emerging sites are offering discounts based on group purchase, improving our ability to influencers “intent purchasers” all the way to the till. There are even some social networks focussed on providing responses to open questions like “where should I buy” and “which one?”

Ultimately the socialisation of the “moment of truth” will impact every brand. We’ve collated a few case studies, and some of the emerging providers because though the breakers haven’t yet hit Asia’s shores, the wave is forming.

Case studies

1. Diesel (and other fashion houses):
2. McDonalds:
3. Zagat:
4. Local Advertisers:
5. NHL:

Group Buying, location or shopping based networks, photo streams and promotions:

Sephora Smelt It, Blippy Dealt It. Fragrance Retailer Takes Shopping Social
Blippy, the controversial credit-card-transaction-sharing social media platform, has partnered with beauty/fragrance retailer Sephora to make a Sephora-specific area of its site.

Not to forget how 7-Eleven in Hong Kong are using augmented reality collectibles to draw people into their convenience outlets.