Social Media & Email Need An Arranged Marriage

Integrating social media presence with email campaigns significantly enhances digital communication effectiveness. Social media could be considered an extension of email, by moving audiences from a direct to a more conversational & relationship focused platform. Here is how some executives & marketers are integrating social media into emails…

Here are effective ways to integrate social with emails

In emails:
• Add links to follow or subscribe social media profiles
• Include social media share options:
• Provide incentives for sharing email content

In social media: Provide email sign up options in the brand’s social media channels, such as Facebook page
On the phone: If there is a physical call centre, allow representatives to ask customers for social media opt-in options, in addition to the e-mail opt-in option
On the web: On the newsletter/email sign up page within the website, list & link to all social media profiles & provide an option for customers to join your social media profiles

Results to expect when integrating social media with email campaigns:
1. An increase of subscribers to social media profiles
2. An increase in the number of social media mentions
3. An increase of email subscribers
4. An increase in the amount of web traffic/leads from social media
5. An improvement in SEO through social mentions in search engines

Here is a creative example of social media & email integration:

Haysam Fahmy
Twitter: @hisom