Social Network Users in China (Infographic)

Ogilvy PR’s social media team in China have created this infographic to help explain the user profiles of China’s main online social networks.

facebook might be blocked for the average user in China, but in its place have developed a number of equally sophisticated equivalents. Different demographics have gravitated towards their favorite social network based on the different features and marketing strategies adopted by the various sites. The infographic below presents the typical users of five online social networks, Kaixinfacebook, Douban, Renren and QZone.

Of course, our infographic is at best a broad generalization and it’s important to remember that many Chinese use more than one social network (the average number of accounts per person is 2.8).

Our social network infographic draws on our own research and various third-party reports (CNNIC, iResearch, Nielsen and AppleAp).

Click here for a Chinese version.