Don’t DI-lete: A Weekly China Digital Update

Ice Liang ( DI Creative, BJ) thinks that not only has “Old Boy” hit new heights in internet film-making (with over 40 million views, this 42-minute movie has touched an entire generation), sponsoring the production of this hit was an smart way for Chevrolet to gain brand exposure.

梁冰(北京, DI 创意组)认为《老男孩》不仅创造了网络电影的一个新高度(400多万次的播放,这部42分钟的电影感动了整整一代人),雪弗兰的赞助也是让产品增加曝光度的巧妙办法.

Dora Yin ( DI, BJ) was among the millions in China disappointed by the Single’s Day activity launched by Taobao Mall this week. But from a marketing point of view, Dora couldn’t help but be impressed: their promise, announced on Weibo, of 50% discounts across the store achieved truly levels of virality – everybody was talking about this.

尹禾(北京, DI)觉得淘宝商城的光棍节全场五折促销很傻缺但是很成功,他们在淘宝首页和新浪微博帐号上都宣布了这个消息:全场五折,包括iphone4!吸引足了眼球,让大家忍不住转发甚至告诉身边的朋友.虽然最后发现好像被涮了,但确实是做到了尽人皆知.

Emily Brown ( BJ) read that Starbucks (Shanghai) will be partnering with Jiepang much like they have with Foursquare in the US. If only this partnership extended north so that us in the Beijing office had the chance to win free swag and smartphones!

Emily Brown (北京)看到上海星巴克与街旁网的合作很像在美国与foursquare的合作,如果这个合作可以北扩到北京来我们就也能有机会赢到免费的礼物和智能手机啦!

What makes an influencer? What does an influencer think about influence? Qing Xie (DI, HK) found the answers in this short documentary, which attempts to understand the essence of influence without taking a statistical or metric approach.

一个有影响力的人是怎么形成的?影响力在有影响力的人眼里到底是什么?谢青(香港, DI)帮你找到答案:有影响力的人们。短片没有使用任何数据却勾画了影响力的核心。

With this hilarious rap battle between Obama and Hu Jintao, Jeremy ( DI, BJ) struggled to think of a link to online branding. Ermm… using digital/animated mediums in a funny way is a good way to tell a serious story?

Jeremy (北京, DI) 拼命的想把奥巴马和胡锦涛的这段欢乐rap战跟某个网络品牌链接起来.因为…用搞笑的数字动画的形式来讲一个严肃的故事应该是个不错的办法.