Don’t DI-lete: A Weekly China Digital Influence Update


Dora Yin (DI, BJ) loves this video from T-Mobile, which features 500 real performers putting on a seemingly impromptu show at London’s Heathrow airport. Could there be a more fun way to spread their “Life’s for sharing” message?

 尹禾(北京,DI很喜欢T-Mobile新拍的Welcome Home,他们联合500名表演人员,在伦敦希斯罗机场T5航站楼为旅行回家的人上演了一场音乐舞蹈的伴奏,再一次诠释了“生命在于分享”的广告语。

Fang Yu (DI, BJ) likes how Lipton is appealing to Chinese office workers’ love of virtual gifts with their new Kaixin activity. Not only is word-of-mouth achieved through the initial gift giving, buzz is sustained as receivers tell their friends about their gift for a chance to win a real box of tea. 


Liu Yan (DI, SH) likes how Converse in China has invited young celebrities to start their own blogs within the official website’s new blog channel. Writing about various things including art, sport and fashion – without any product/brand hard sell, these influencers are helping build the brand in a subtle way. 

刘燕 (上海,DI) 看到converse在自己的官网上作了一个blog频道,邀请了很多在年轻人中比较有名气的文艺青年开博,从艺术、文学、运动、潮流等几个角度让converse品牌更充实,并不断发起各种互动活动,不但提升目标群体的关注,而且强化了对品牌的喜爱。

Mars Li (DI, BJ) thinks MINI’s latest location-based iPhone campaign in Sweden is putting the brand at the forefront of digital marketing. The concept is not easy to explain… best check out this case study video.

Mars Li(北京,DI认为Mini在瑞典的最新iphone定位功能的案例将这个品牌推到了在数字营销的最前沿。这个概念是不容易解释…最好看看这个案例研究视频

Andrea Fenn (DI, SH) is excited about Bing’s new social-function: from last week, search queries include results from your social networks. Now it will be easier to find out what your friends think about the issues you care most about, and social networks will become more important for brands to promote their image.