Don’t DI-lete: A Weekly Digital Update from China

An Weibo application recommendation from Dora Yin (DI, BJ): Weibo Analyst. This free software analyzes your own Weibo behavior – for example, telling you where most of your retweets come from or when people mention you most. Anybody involved in managing a Weibo account should consider this tool.

尹禾(北京, DI) 推荐给大家一个微博小应用:微博分析家, 它可以帮你知道自己什么时候最喜欢发微博,什么时候的微博反响最热烈,还有互动的人脉图关系展示甚至某一条特定微博的分析.这简直太符合微博平台越来越开放的趋势了!

YL Liu (DI, SH) recommends a Kaixin-based app that allows users to compare photos and lets brands set up photo-comparison activities. Using photos and fun choices instead of text and a “one-size-fits-all” approach, this format allows brands such as H&M to say more about their products in a fun, interactive way.

刘燕(上海, DI)推荐给大家一个开心新组件“评比”,它主题性强,可以更明确的传播核心概念.如:“H&M的新款小DRESS,你会选哪条?”,图片传播可有效提升网友的分享兴趣,避免企业传播文字过多或过于说教的问题,只要有大量优质图片可供运用,不妨一试.目前内容的构成,确定了该组件的时尚风格,可帮助品牌更好的提升其时尚感.

Robin Wang (BJ) loves Uniqlo Try, a Japanese minisite that the clothing retailer has devoted to bras. Click on a picture to reveal the details of one of the women’s age, height and bra size. With Uniqlo, underwear info has never been such fun!

Robin Wang (北京) 爱死了优衣库的新网站Uniqlo Try, 因为设计师针对优衣库的新“变态”创意-他们的迷你site瞄准了女性的胸罩.随着电子乐不断变换排列组合女性的大头照组成的矩阵呈现出新奇的3D空间效果, 还可以看到其中女性的年龄,身高,以及胸围之类的.用肉眼观察内衣统计信息从来没这么好玩过!

Flora Lai (BJ) has never seen such a comprehensive push for a movie as the Tron: Legacy promotions. From viral campaigns, a scavenger hunt in 27 locations across 25 countries, strategically-timed teasers, aggregated facebook app, designated webpages designed to engage fans and engaging offline events, Tron: Legacy has integrated their story into EVERY aspect of the campaign.

很多好莱坞大片有大把大把的钱来宣传他们的电影,可是Flora Lai(北京)从来没有见过哪个电影像《创:战纪》这样的规模。从病毒活动,一个横跨25个国家多达27个地点的寻宝游戏,到非常有战略性、时间恰如其分的电影预告片,Facebook应用、各种主页,再到各种线下活动,《创:战纪》真是把它们的故事主线融入到了营销活动的每一个方面。

Jason Zhou (DI, GZ) thinks Nine-square Diary is an interesting new online platform that we should be aware of. This online diary, which asks users to record their day by following a standard “nine-square” format, is becoming popular among students and white-collar workers for its user-friendliness and integration with other social media platforms.


And one last-minute entry from Claire Ma (BJ), who loves how H&M opened their flagship store in Amsterdam with this beautiful combination of large-scale 3D projection and online video.